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NO MORE Week of Action Events

All of us can play a role in ending domestic violence and sexual assault. No matter how big or small, every action is important and we welcome them all!

The goals of NO MORE Week Activities are the same (Click here to learn more about NO MORE Week) but the scale and content are really dependent on the time and resources you have. The following are just some ideas we’ve come up with and some examples of things other people have done. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to add your event to the map and tag us in photos on Twitter (@NOMOREorg), Facebook (@NOMORE.org), Instagram (@NOMOREorg) so we can promote your efforts and inspire others to take action!

Host a Phone Drive 

Quick tips to organizing a HopeLine Phone Drive

Host a Jamberry Party

It’s free and up to 50% of the proceeds support the domestic violence/sexual assault organization of your choice. Find a Jamberry rep in your area!

Host a documentary screening in your community or grab a few friends and rent the movie

  • Host a screening of the campus sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground on your campus or at your local theater. (Note: A screening fee will apply.)

Launch a Photo Campaign or create your own Public Service Announcement Video Campaign 

  • Here is a great example of a Photo Campaign by Suffolk County Community College students. Check out our YouTube channel to see what other groups have done in the past.
  • Set up a table with printed materials to handout and invite people to customize a NO MORE sign and take a photo.
        • The Warning Signs of Physical, Emotional &  Economic Abuse Posters
        • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Definitions Poster
        • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault  Trifold
        • Co-brandable NO MORE action card / handout
        • NO MORE Financial Abuse posters by NNEDV + Allstate

Host a Quilt Making Workshop

Join FORCE’s Monument Quilt blanketing the National Mall, made of stories from survivors of rape and abuse as well as allies. Your square and your voice will join thousands of other survivors and allies, to create a public space that honors and supports survivors and challenges the silence, shame and stigma that surround these issues. Host a Quilt Making Workshop with 10-15 people using these resources! Serve NO MORE blue donuts or incorporate the symbol into your quilt square to represent our shared commitment to creating future when ‘Together we can end domestic violence & sexual assault.’ Click here to learn more.

Host a bystander engagement training at your workplace or school

See the Signs, Speak Out, free online tools and workplace trainings developed by the Avon Foundation for Women, are available to help you empower your communities with knowledge and tools to have conversations about domestic violence, dating abuse, and sexual assault. The trainings, developed in partnership with JWI, Ohio Domestic Violence Network, and The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, include:

  • Recognize and Respond to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Learn how to start the conversations to help family, friends, or colleagues who are impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. Click here
  • Dating Abuse: Tools for Talking to Teens. Teens need to talk. Learn how you can talk to the teens in your life about dating abuse. Click here
  • Stand Up, Don’t Stand by, Protect Children from Domestic Violence. Get the tools to recognize danger for a child, decide you can do something, and intervene for change. Click here

Host a NO MORE night at your school or at a local school in your community

  • Ask the school if you can host a bake sale as a fundraiser to help a local domestic violence or sexual assault organization win the The NO MORE Challenge! Sell donuts, cookies or other items and donate the proceeds to a local domestic violence or sexual assault organization. (To find a domestic shelter near you, visit domesticshelters.org. To find a local rape crisis and counseling center, visit www.centers.rainn.org).
  • Set up a HopeLine phone drive to collect no-longer used wireless phones, batteries, chargers and accessories in any condition from any service provider to benefit victims and survivors of domestic violence. Verizon’s HopeLine programs turns wireless phones into valuable financial support for domestic violence awareness and prevention initiatives. Help five charities participating in The NO MORE Challenge win the HopeLine Contest to receive a total of $25,000 in cash grants from Verizon. (You can donate a phone or set up a HopeLine Phone collection year-round. Learn more here).

Host a viewing party

      • I.D. Investigation Discovery is closing out the week with its third NO MORE Week Marathon on Sunday, March 12th!


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