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Transforming norms to end gender-based violence on campus

It’s NO MORE Week, and we’re proud to be partnering with our friends at Breakthrough to help grassroots activists make gender-based violence a year-round priority. To make that happen, we need to empower you to make a difference on your campus. So we teamed up to create this campus organizing guide because we know...

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New Campaign Spreads Awareness on Importance of Consent: #ConsentIs

Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE)’s #ConsentIs Campaign Our friends at Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE), a DC-based nonprofit organization that works to prevent sexual assault and heal survivors nationwide, launched a national social media campaign #ConsentIs to raise awareness, shatter the silence of sexual violence and promote the five essentials of consent: verbal, sober, enthusiastic, freely...

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Raise Your Voice on Campus this Fall

Did you know that students, especially young women, are at the highest risk of sexual assault during the first few months of college? This “red zone”–roughly from the beginning of the school year until Thanksgiving break–is especially unfortunate because many new freshmen are not yet aware of the resources available...

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Do Sororities Combat or Contribute to Rape Culture?

Nationwide, college campuses are grappling with how to appropriately address the problem of sexual assault in their communities. From The Hunting Ground’s unflinching examination of sexual assault on college campuses to best-selling author Jon Krakauer’s investigation of rape on campus in Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College...

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April is time for action

With NO MORE Week in the rearview mirror (and what a wonderful week it was!), the team at NO MORE is already looking forward to April. Warmer weather is nice, but Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is the main event. Let’s get everyone excited about a concentrated month of activism...

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The Hunting Ground Premieres This Weekend

The gripping film chronicles college sexual assault survivors’ struggle for justice. The Hunting Ground opens in select theaters this weekend. With this unflinching expose, sexual assault on college campuses gets the film treatment it deserves—a piercing, in-depth, journalistic look at the terror so many survivors face when coming forward. It’s the...

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Let’s Focus on Respecting Survivors

One in two women and one in five men have experienced sexual violence in their lives. In the current journalistic climate of he-said, she-said—with Bill Cosby and now the UVA student “Jackie” accused of fabricating details of her gang rape featured in Rolling Stone—it’s essential to keep the focus on those...

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Sexual Assault Activism Comes to Five Alabama Colleges

Using pins, posters, parties, videos, and even blue-frosted doughnuts, five colleges in Birmingham, Alabama, are adopting the NO MORE mission to stop sexual assault and violence. Allison Dearing spearheads campus outreach and prevention efforts as campus coordinator for the city’s Crisis Center, Inc. Her job is funded through a 2012 grant...

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Saying NO MORE at High Profile Schools

Last week, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights broadened its Title IX investigation of 55 schools to include 60 colleges and universities. Basically, Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance; this list in particular...

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