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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in the Latino Community: We Say NO MÁS

Are you ready for the DECIMOS NO MÁS Campaign? Casa de Esperanza and NO MORE are excited to announce the launch of DECIMOS NO MÁS, a new national campaign engaging Latin@s to play a critical role in ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Statistics show that an alarming number of Latin@ women and children...

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Bystander Basics

What people mean when they talk about Bystanders. It’s different than you think. by·stand·er /ˈbīˌstandər/ noun A person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part. If you have been paying attention to stories of sexual assault and domestic violence in the news recently (and...

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Memphis Says NO MORE to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

On the morning of July 31, Karri Baker’s ex-boyfriend shot her in the head before taking his own life. The Germantown, Tennessee, couple had recently broken up, according to reports, and were moving out the house they had shared. Baker, who died in the hospital two days later, was 38....

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35 Women, #TheEmptyChair: Shedding Light on Bill Cosby & Why Sexual Assault Victims Are Not Believed

Bill Cosby is having a very bad week. On July 24th, prominent Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote an op-ed calling for President Obama to revoke Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom. Taking issue with the President’s statement that there is no precedent for revoking the medal, Marcus urges Obama to...

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6 Ways To Make A Difference This Summer

The summer is heating up! So should your support for the amazing organizations working to end domestic violence and sexual assault! Here are eight ways to stay involved and show your support for the NO MORE mission this summer… Help make the first-ever NO MORE license plate a reality. Order...

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When Dating Abuse Goes Digital: Revenge Porn

Last September, a slew of sexually explicit photos of female celebrities surfaced on the online forums Reddit and 4chan. The women photographed did not leak the photos, rather, they were stolen and published without their consent. This is revenge porn – and unfortunately this form of abuse is neither new...

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Help Fund Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Programs in California with the NO MORE License Plate

Domestic violence and sexual assault are two of the most widespread problems in our communities. The numbers are staggering. 24 people are physically abused, raped or stalked by their partners every minute. Yet, vital, lifesaving domestic violence and sexual assault programs remain severely under-resourced and under-funded. California Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez has...

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Meet Jaired Maddox. This Texas teen is challenging his community to say NO MORE.

Young People Are The Future Of This Movement Certain problems in this world can be solved, but remain unchallenged. Human nature often compels us to ignore the elephant in the room instead of addressing the issue; over time this willful apathy creates social norms. I define this particular aspect of human nature because I,...

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Everyone Should Read this Survivor’s Advice for Helping a Friend who has been Sexually Assaulted

For as long as I can remember, I have been a keeper of stories. Often, in a waiting room, a dentist’s chair, on a plane, or in a classroom, a stranger will open up to me and share personal stories, some of which are about deeply painful traumatic experiences.  It’s...

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Ten Inspiring Songs About Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault that Will Move You

Sexual assault and domestic violence aren’t easy to talk about. So how can we get folks talking about these issues to drive more awareness and break down the barriers of stigma, silence and shame that keep people from seeking help and taking action before problems arise? A number of NO...

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