NO MORE Silence: Speak Your Truth Launches

During the last ten years, nearly 10,000 survivors have shared their deeply personal stories of experiencing domestic and sexual violence on the NO MORE “Gallery.” The Gallery of Stories has had a tremendous impact, both as a tool for healing for survivors themselves and as a resource for the rest of us to learn from them. 

But the Gallery was created a decade ago, prior to many technological advances. So it has limitations in its functionality, presentation, and shareability. 

That is why we’re so proud and excited to launch a new and improved platform in partnership with Our Wave and Speak Your Truth. The platform – NO MORE Silence: Speak Your Truth – uniquely allows survivors and their loved ones to share their stories and find support from experts safely. It will also serve as a tool for policymakers, advocates, and all community leaders to better understand the support that is required and the policies, research, and culture changes that are needed to stop and prevent domestic and sexual violence. 

What is new with this platform vs. the old gallery? It’s easier to use. It’s searchable, so survivors and leaders can get information on a specific topic. Perhaps most importantly, everyone who shares a story will be contacted by an expert and provided access to support services. 

Why is this so important? When we come together to create safe spaces for survivors to share their stories, it

Removes Stigma, Shame and Secrecy.

By speaking out about their personal stories and struggles, survivors of domestic and sexual violence can break free of the secrecy, shame and stigma that often wrongly surrounds the experiences they faced. When survivors share their experiences, it can make others feel more comfortable and possible to do the same. We need to shine a light on the problem in order to make real progress. 

Raises Awareness

Many people do not realize the prevalence and severity of domestic and sexual violence. When survivors speak out, they put a human face to the statistics, helping others to understand the real-life consequences of assault and abuse and to be inspired to become part of the solution. 

Provides Validation and Support

Survivors often doubt the validity of their experiences, especially if they have been gaslighted or manipulated by their abusers. When a survivor shares, they let others know that they’re not alone and what they are going through is real. This validation can be a powerful source of strength and healing.

Encourages Others to Seek Help

One story can be the catalyst that encourages someone else to get help and take steps toward getting out of an abusive relationship. The stories often provide invaluable information about support resources, legal options, the importance of seeking professional help, and more. 

Drives Societal Change

There is power in our numbers. Each individual story shared becomes part of a collective, a movement to dispel myths, push for policy reforms that protect and support survivors, and implement prevention strategies and stop violence before it starts. Simply put, when lots of people speak out, the magnitude and scope of the problem becomes clearer and it will inspire greater action. 

As our partner Hannah Hollander, Founder and CEO of Speak Your Truth Today, said: After reading thousands of survivors’ stories and witnessing hundreds of survivors gain encouragement and support by connecting with other survivors in our Facebook support group, I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly empowering it is for survivors to use their voice and their stories to reach others, educate, and celebrate freedom. We are pioneering a new, accessible way for survivors to thrive in community with one another within the digital space, and it will be a game-changer when it comes to survivor support. NO MORE Silence: Speak Your Truth allows survivors to connect with other survivors who share similar experiences or demographics, further emphasizing that they are not alone.

Our Wave Executive Director/Founder  Kyle Linton added: “We are so excited to launch this partnership with NO MORE and Speak Your Truth Today. After founding Our Wave in 2019, it has been our mission to amplify the stories of domestic and and sexual violence survivors. By listening to the experiences of survivors, we can improve the way we deliver services and provide resources based on survivors’ unique needs. We also believe survivors are the true experts of their own experiences and aim to leverage their stories and insights through research to improve prevention and response efforts. This partnership marks another step in our journey to collect the largest categorized survivor story database to better understand global patterns and provide survivor-centered healing resources for individuals of all backgrounds and identities.”

Looking for an easy way to get involved this Domestic Violence Awareness Month and make a difference? Share the NO MORE Silence: Speak Your Truth platform with your family, friends and colleagues. Encourage them to safely make their voices heard and find support. Together, we can amplify their stories, celebrate their strength and encourage more people to say “NO MORE” to domestic and sexual violence. 


By donating today, you join a community dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence. Together, we can create a society where everyone feels safe and respected.
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Uber and NO MORE kick off the 2023 #Don’tStandBy Campaign

Uber and NO MORE kick off the 2023 #Don’tStandBy Campaign


As students start a new semester at colleges and universities across the country, it’s important to know that more than 50% of college sexual assaults occur in the first few months of school, August – November (RAINN). Students are at an increased risk during the first few months of their first and second semesters. 

Enjoying college life and going out to a party, bar, or club should be fun AND safe. That’s why Uber and NO MORE are teaming up for the “Don’t Stand By” campaign to help stop sexual assault before it starts, encourage friends to look out for each other, and engage the nightlife community and drivers to be part of the solution. 

Fifty-five percent of people who witness someone acting in a sexually violent or harassing manner do nothing. Anecdotally, we hear that that is most often because those witnesses or bystanders don’t know if it is their place to intervene and feel unsure of how to safely help. 

We want to help change that statistic and raise awareness that we all have a role to play in trying to stop violence before it starts. The campaign is focused initially on sharing tips via social media and our #DontStandby website on how friends going out together can help keep each other safe. That includes simply watching out for one another, knowing how and when to intervene safely, and calling for support if a more dangerous situation arises. The website features downloadable gifs and posters to share across social media, on college campuses, in bars and clubs, or anywhere people gather. 

We’re focusing now on the start of the new college semester, but this is an ongoing initiative, and it’s not just for students. Soon, we are planning an effort to help train the nightlife community – restaurant, bar, and club owners and staff – to learn how to recognize the signs of an unwanted advance, harassment, and assault and how best to respond to different types of situations and levels of danger. 

This campaign was originally planned to launch a few years ago before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The crisis brought new, urgent areas of focus. Gathering and social behaviors changed for a lot of people. But we know that sexual assault has persisted. According to our partner RAINN, every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. So it is imperative that we all step up our efforts. 

Make no mistake. Going out and partying is not a cause of sexual or domestic violence. No one should ever use alcohol or drug consumption as an excuse for any physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal assault or abuse. Still, alcohol and drug consumption can sometimes exacerbate unhealthy relationships, issues of power and control, and other dangerous perceptions and behaviors. It is critical that we hold perpetrators accountable. But the more we are alert and watch out for each other, the more we may be able to stop the problem before it occurs or at least before it escalates. 

We hope you will join us in helping to keep your friends and loved ones, customers and riders, safe from assault and abuse. You can learn more and take the pledge to #DontStandBy at

1. Harvard AAU Campus Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct


By donating today, you join a community dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence. Together, we can create a society where everyone feels safe and respected.

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