Know More Dialogue Series

Global Dialogue on Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence During NO MORE Week 2023

NO MORE week, held in March, is dedicated to galvanising grassroots activism and inspiring all people to help create a culture of safety, respect, and equality in their communities to prevent domestic and sexual violence.

Every day, all around the world, we are confronted by stories of domestic and sexual violence, reminding us that our duty to speak out about these issues is as urgent as ever. Each year we use NO MORE week to highlight all the places – literal and figurative – where change needs to happen and IS happening to create a world with NO MORE domestic and sexual violence. Our goal is for NO MORE to be a unifier, connecting advocacy organizations and enabling collaboration, sharing information and providing tools to actively support them all — from the National NGO to the individual who wants to make a difference in their town or college campus. Even the smallest actions can go a long way toward creating a society that does not tolerate domestic violence and sexual assault.

We understand that the solution lies within all of us. From the teacher serving as a role model to our youth to the campus group working to prevent an assault on the large corporation hoping to educate and protect its employees, one thing is universally true: small but significant steps can create real change. Change happens when we have an open conversation with our children about respect. It happens when we champion prevention in our workplaces or speak up to stop sexual assault. It happens each time we pledge solidarity against this global epidemic.

Throughout NO MORE Week 2023, NO MORE chapters and partners from around the world will participate in the second annual KNOW MORE Global Dialogue series. Stay tuned to see the full list of webinars and events.

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