Casa de Esperanza Says NO MÁS


When Casa de Esperanza was approached to participate in the NO MORE/ NO MÁS Steering Committee, we were intrigued by the concept and interested in supporting it in any way possible. Now that NO MORE is in full-swing, we are thrilled to see the incredible response by people wanting to get involved and promote it in a variety of ways. We would like to share are a few simple ways Casa de Esperanza has chosen to promote NO MORE and encourage the Latin@ communities in which we work to get involved as well.

  1. We get visitors from all over the United States and Latin America accessing our website for information specific to Latin@s and domestic violence, so we thought that including the symbol and a link to would be one easy way to spread the word.
  2. The National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities, a project of Casa de Esperanza, has a network of over 1,000 members that are committed to promoting safe relationships and communities. We consistently highlight NO MORE in communications to network members and encourage them to get involved.
  3. Of course, social media is another easy way that we get the word out. We have encouraged our fans to check out the campaign and have shared NO MORE Facebook posts.

There are so many simple and easy ways that individuals and organizations can promote NO MORE and remove the stigma associated with domestic and sexual violence.  Starting conversations about these issues is so important!

Casa de Esperanza has a few upcoming events that we want to share with NO MORE community members.

  • On September 10, 2012, we are facilitating a webinar, Walking with Latin@ Survivors, that will highlight best practices for advocates working within Latin@ communities
  • On October 15 (in Spanish) and October 25 (in English), 2012, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are hosting two BlogTalkRadio sessions called Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women that will be a discussion between three male activists about their work to end violence against women, fatherhood and other related topics.

To participate in either of these events, please email

  • Lastly, on September 19, 2012, Casa de Esperanza’s National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities is launching a one-of-a-kind website and blog with resources and tools for people working to end domestic and sexual violence within Latin@ communities. Be sure to check it out!


This post was written by Eva Benavidez Clayton, Marketing Manager Casa de Esperanza. For more information about Casa de Esperanza, please visit their website, or call their 24-hour crisis line  651.772.1611. 



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