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Alexis Black

I say NO MORE because enough is enough! I have been through some rough paths that have to deal with sexual assault or harassment! I think that many teens need to be talked to about this situation and that sexual assault is wrong! I feel like all high schoolers or even some adults think it is a joke when It is not! I attend high school in Illinois and there are so many teens at my school who think sexual assault is a joke.. it tikes me off! Teachers and Staff need to approach the situation and get into these teens heads that Harassment, Sexual assault etc.. is wrong; not a joke! Expecially when someone uses social media to sexually harass another person! I’ve always wanted Mariska Hargitay to come to my high school and beat into the teens I got to school with that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! Maybe one day we can put a stop to this, together❤️ Alexis

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