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fille avec l’épée

fille avec l'épée
I Say NO MORE because...On a winter night while I was serving in the military overseas, I was drugged, raped, and the stranger responsible tried to silence me forever. It became the night that a part of me died, and set me on a course to find purpose for the pain. For me, this became an ugly, gut-wrenching fight to Never Quit. During my journey of healing, I have found peace with God. THERE IS HOPE. You are not alone. And in the darkest moments of life, when the storm rages and your heart breaks, and you are floundering in the fight; as you take labored breaths, steeling yourself to stand and face the wreckage, there is healing that awaits you. There are good plans for you and when you are ready, your broken pieces, the pain, and the memories that attempted to drown you will subside. How am I able to say this? Because God has been my help. I am not the girl I once was and there has been a tragic paradigm shift in my life but I have found my voice, I have found purpose for the pain. fille avec l'épée

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