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Gina Reccardi

I say NO MORE because I grew up hearing horror stories about my biological grandfather beating my grandma and my mother (who was only 3 when they escaped) NEVER did I think at 30 I would be in the same position. I AM A VICTIM. (that’s the first time I’ve wrote that ever) my ex was arrested just in February 2018 for assault - physical, sexual, mental, emotional. I was strangled and blacked out four times and beaten for over 2 and a half hours IN JUST ONE NIGHT. when I’d want to leave he threatened to kill me and my parents. When my started dating my ex I weighed 160lbs, when he was arrested (within 15 mos of abuse) I weighed 92lbs. The toll this took on my health is unbelievable- and I still can’t grasp the amount of danger I was in nor can I even wrap my head around what could have happened. I never thought I’d be in this in situation dealing with detectives, DAs, grand jury’s. Some days I don’t know how I get out of bed but I do, and I continue to push forward. I need to see justice for my situation. And I plan that once this is over, I am able to lend a voice to my neighborhood- my Alma, an all girls high school, so girls (and guys) are aware this is NOT OKAY and that there IS HELP OUT THERE! Gina

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