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Hilarie Warenski

I say NO MORE, because too many people live with the internal scars caused from emotional and verbal abuse that haunt them. I say NO MORE, because I am no longer a prisoner under my ex-husband’s abuse and never will be again. I know now that I not an embarrassment, a failure, retarded, stupid, and worthless along with the many names he called me every day. I say NO MORE, because love should never hurt. Love isn’t gaslighting, name-calling, putting me down for any accomplishment I proud of, saying it was my fault he treated me badly, saying he didn’t compliment me, because I didn’t deserve them, constantly threatening to punch me, saying my mother deserved to get cancer, or humiliated for his pleasure in front of his family, which is just a few of the awful things he said or done. I say NO MORE, because he and other abusers should never put any person through abuse for their own twisted pleasure. I say NO MORE, because there is hope for a happy ending. I am now married to the most wonderful man in the world that treats me like a goddess and have two incredible stepsons. I say NO MORE, because we all deserve to be loved and treated with kindness and respect. There is NO excuse to abuse. Hilarie

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