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Mira Houston

He said he loves meBut his definition of love was control and manipulationAnhilating Any other relationsSo it was me him and isolation He said he loves meBut his love was a hard fist and some harsh wordsNever treating me rightOr how I deservedIt was constant painAnd I was taught love should never hurtBut that didn't stop my heartFrom thinking we could workHe said he loves meAnd I thought that was enoughBut i was fooled by those 3 wordsAnd thought real love was supposed to be this toughHe said he loves meBut he continued to hurt meBeing with other womenHaving me up at 330A.m.Wondering if he will be homeSilently hoping he'd stay goneBut fearing that I would forever be alone.He said he loves meAnd I made the mistake of giving him the keyTo the home that is my soulYes he was the master of controlAn unwanted tenant That took up space for rent Just lodged in my heartBut never paying me 100 percentOf what I was owedI truly forgot what I was toldHe said he loves meBut his love was unreliableExcuses for the wrong priorities Left me feeling undesirableI was lonely with himAnd changed my reflection To be the only object of his affectionBut like 4 lefts I stayed in the wrong directionLosing me to keep himThe him who wasn't for me or my loveAnd then through God i realized that I was enough He said I love you and I have from the startRecognize you're a jewel in my crownAcknowledge your special place in my heartKnow your worth, far beyond what eyes can seeStart loving yourself through your love for MeYou are strong, caring and boldAn imperfect site to beholdRemember all that you have been toldTrue love is patient, beautiful, and kindIts wonderful and powerfulSweet daughter of mineA man said he loves meBut God and i love me moreAnd that real love helped me walk out the doorHelped me realize that putting me first Was the right answerLeaving was my chemo to his toxic cancer I realized abuse is not loveWith love there is no shame or fearAnd I will always have authentic loveAs long as I keep God near.  Mira

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