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Pharmacygirl18 Karls

I say NO MORE because, I grew up hearing horror stories from my mom about how my biological father hit her and choked her and beat her over any possible reason he could. She was assaulted sexually,physically and mentally yet remained strong so I could live. I knew growing up that I never wanted to become a victim to such terrible things but, this world has some awful people. I look back to my sophomore year in high school still a virgin and very clueless about sexual things in general. I was groped between my thighs by a boy in my class while trying to type up papers in the computer lab. He said because I squirmed I was a virgin and he could fix that. I told no one until years later at the time i just asked to be moved. Flash forward to age 22 i was not the partying type i hung out at home reading and writing mostly never experimenting with alcohol or drugs. I was at my best friends house to swim and her inviting a few people over turned into her and her older sister having a party. I was fed Mike's hard lemonades until I could barely stand...he just kept them coming and me a newbie at anything alcohol these tasted like juice. Well the boy I innocently thought was just being nice to me bc i had made it clear i was already in a relationship raped me. It took me years to openly admit that what happened that night was not my fault was not consensual and was extremely unwanted. Since that night I still have issues letting sexual partners close to me. I had my arms pinned down in a playful way and I freaked out and damm near broke my boyfriends nose. I do NOT like being restrained it makes me feel very scared and takes me back to that night..hand over the mouth other gripping my side tightly. I had bruises and cuts and was sore but, I just told my boyfriend I was drunk and I fell out of the pool..I say NO MORE. Pharmacygirl18

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