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I Say NO MORE because I was almost beaten to death October 16, 2018 by my ex-boyfriend. It wasn't new to be told how worthless I was or how much he hated me but I never thought he would actually do what he had been threatening for over a week now. I had looked past the most important thing, my kids who seen what he did to me daily. The emotional, physical, and mental pain I would never wish on anyone. It changes you. It changes you inside and out. It changes the way you form relationships and friendships, it causes you to have trust issues, it causes a sense of void inside me that I cannot explain. I hope for the opportunity to be myself again one day, but, most of all, I hope my kids don't resent me for doing what I thought was right at the time. No one deserves to be hurt. No one deserves to feel the way that abuse from someone you love so much causes you to feel. It's left questions in my mind that I don't know will ever be answered. T

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