October is Domestic violence Awareness Month (DVAM), and advocates have been asking about the NO MORE campaign and how to incorporate its symbol and messaging in current DVAM activities. This year, several national organizations and state domestic violence coalitions are joining the NO MORE Campaign Team in their mission

to increase national awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault and to unite the efforts of both movements to end gender-based violence. Created in 2010 by a group of individuals from varying backgrounds, NO MORE seeks to stop the stigma, shame and silence surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault through the implementation of a unifying symbol that can be used by all to show support for ending these forms of abuse.

Whether you are looking for a simple idea on how to use the symbol this year, or are already thinking of making a big splash for your next year’s DVAM campaign, here are various ways to incorporate the NO MORE symbol and messaging:

1. Download the symbol: The NO MORE symbol is available in both English and Spanish and was designed to be used widely. Artwork files can be easily downloaded from the Domestic Violence Awareness Project website.

2. Get the Toolkit: Request a free NO MORE Introductory Toolkit to obtain the resources needed to make the NO MORE symbol a part of your DVAM public awareness campaigns and activities.

3. Start a trend: Starting on October 1st, change your organization’s cover page on Facebook to the NO MORE logo. Individuals can change their profile pictures to the NO MORE logo as well. See what other organizations have done, including VAWnet, and encourage those you know to do the same.

4. Share, share, share: In fact, start sharing NO MORE broadly! Many individuals and organizations have been using the symbol in their email signature, on their websites, and in print materials. Social media and electronic communications can be effectively used to spread the word about NO MORE. Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, email it, blog about it. Use social media to tell everyone you know that you say NO MORE and invite others to do the same.

5. Read the NO MORE FAQ: This summary of frequently asked questions provides specific answers about how the NO MORE symbol came about, how you can use the NO MORE symbol in printed and online materials, and how to co-brand NO MORE with your current initiatives. (Yes, you can continue using the traditional purple ribbon as well!)

6. Take the pledge: Go to and take the pledge to say NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.

7. Join the We Say NO MORE Photo Gallery: Upload your photo to the We Say NO MORE Photo Gallery and get your very own picture with the NO MORE symbol.

8. Develop your own No MORE campaign: A group of domestic violence and other partner organizations in Indiana launched a multi-level anti violence campaign to help promote NO MORE throughout the state. This campaign included radio and TV PSAs, a website, print and social media events.


8. Listen to the webinar: During this 1.5 hour webinar on September 10, 2012, participants heard from advocates at the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Casa de Esperanza, and the NO MORE Team who discussed various ways to use the NO MORE symbol and messaging in current DVAM 2012 public awareness events and throughout the year. Read on to see highlights from the session. Or view the full webinar recording [1:05:00] now. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address. After clicking “submit” the webinar presentation will begin.

This year, the National Resource Center on Domestic violence redesigned the Domestic Violence Awareness Project website to continue providing current, relevant and user-friendly information and tools to assist advocates in community-based programs, state coalitions and other national organizations in planning and implementing DVAM activities. In addition to information about the NO MORE campaign, the website provides a variety of teaching tools, sample forms and templates, media related publications, webinars and audio recordings, and artwork files. It also includes various campaign ideas with instructional handouts for event replication, an online store to purchase awareness materials, and a searchable events database that allows advocates to share their events. Watch a guided-tour of website highlights.

How is your organization using the NO MORE symbol and messaging in your current DVAM activities and campaigns? Please share your creative ideas!

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This blog was written by Casey Keene and appeared originally on, The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women on Oct. 1, 2012.


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