Indiana Blogger says NO MORE for the first time, inspired by PSA campaign.

By The NO MORE Team|

Recently, an Indiana mom and blogger was inspired by the NO MORE PSA campaign and decided to share her story for the first time.  After many years of silence, Carrie Herndon (, told of a marriage turned abusive in her blog “The Pursuit of Passion.” Writing “No more pretending it never happened,” Carrie had kept her story to herself because of the shame and stigma she felt. Here is Carrie’s courageous blog post:


I hadn’t ever given much thought as to how I would die until he slammed my head against the wall. At that moment I thought that this would be the end and what had I accomplished and at 20 I had accomplished nothing.


I’ve spent the last 16 years pretending that I had never gotten married to him. I met him at a gas station of all places. My friend Stacy’s boyfriend was working there. Her man had quite a long record but that didn’t stop him from carrying a gun and selling drugs. From that very first meeting I should have known that he was trouble because of the friends he kept… READ MORE


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