Indie-pop band uses music as vehicle to drive social change

By The NO MORE Team|

Patchwork Fools, an indie-pop band from Baltimore, Maryland are using their music talents for social good. The group of four just so happens to be passionate about sexual assault prevention. Naturally they turned to music to add their voices to the cause. “1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18, so we decided to use music, one of the few things people actually listen to, for social advocacy. We want our song to empower victims, start dialogues, and prevent sexual violence by shattering the silence.” Will Mason, the band’s vocalist and guitarist said.

Patchwork Fools are releasing a song called “Scars” on April 7th (SAAM Day of Action) to raise awareness of sexual assault and in keeping with the Sexual Assault Awareness Month theme, Engaging New Voices, they hope the song will help reach and engage new audiences.

“Don’t let it weigh so heavy on your soul!” The refrain in their April release, “Scars,” takes the perspective of an upside-down society that too often misplaces blame on victims and survivors of sexual assault.

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