We believe that by working together we can end domestic and sexual violence. We know the work that you’ll do as a NO MORE chapter will transform lives. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the NO MORE family and are excited to see the change you create in the communities where you work in.

NO MORE Chapters engage locally by providing community members with opportunities to volunteer their time, contribute to campaigns, and challenge the culture that allows domestic and sexual violence to persist. 

Chapters act as a force ensuring that communities are united by a shared sense of purpose to address domestic and sexual violence both locally and globally.




  • Belong to an international network of changemakers collaborating to create a future free of domestic and sexual violence both locally and globally.
  • Initiate and contribute to local, regional, and global initiatives towards improving the creation of a world with ‘NO MORE’ domestic and sexual violence.
  • Gain in-depth exposure to thought-leadership and knowledge of global, regional, and local issues related to domestic and sexual violence.
  • Develop leadership skills and capabilities through custom programs, workshops, informal gatherings, mentorship, etc., led by other local campaigns.

Global Network:

Join a global network of allied organizations collaborating to create a future free of domestic and sexual violence both within their communities and globally. NO MORE provides a platform for the network to meet, learn from each other, share resources and open dialogue to accelerate progress to eliminate violence. 


Our Chapters and partners use the NO MORE symbol to amplify the power of the domestic and sexual violence movement.

Use of NO MORE branding sets organizations apart as it provides them with the power and reputation of a globally recognized brand without any cost. 

NO MORE symbol info 


We’ll give you all the resources you need to kickstart a powerful prevention campaign through our open-source toolkit of prevention resources – a campaign-in-a-box. 

Chapters get exclusive access to new resources available in the toolkit and can work with NO MORE to co–brand or customize these for their local communities. 

Training and mentoring:

We provide additional training and mentoring in the first year to maximize the impact of each NO MORE campaign. 

Support is tailored and can include strengthening local leadership, securing global opportunities and impact, outreach and media training. We aim to equip NO MORE Chapters with all the tools needed to create change in their local communities. 

How to set up your Chapter 

  • Get in touch, 
  • Meet with us
  • Join the community 
  • Launch your NO MORE Chapter 

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Case Study: Ecuador Dice NO MÁS

Ecuador Says NO MORE (Ecuador Dice NO MÁS) campaign. Launched on national television by two survivors. Together they recruited ambassadors, organized marches, set up support groups and created free public awareness materials – raising the voices of many. 

Ecuador Dice NO MÁS campaign has had a huge impact on how sexual violence is repsonded to, from legistaltion reform to enableing disclosures and ensuring support is available. Their prevention videos have reached over 12 million people in Ecuador and have been used across Central and South America. 

Most notably they were selected as one of the UN SDG Action finalists for their transformative #SUPvivors say NO MORE initiative. 

Case Study: UK Says NO MORE (Hestia)

The UK SAYS NO MORE campaign aimed to put an end to domestic and sexual violence by making it the responsibility of every UK resident to stand up, take note and take an active step to address these issues.

The team launched the Safe Spaces scheme delivered in partnership with pharmacies and banks across the UK. To  provide confidential a safe and confidential space to access to support and advice from specialist domestic violence services. Their Online Safe Space has had over a million visits and is being used by over 60 national companies on their websites to help victims to find vital information on local and national support. 


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