Naomi Kyle Empowers Gamers to Say NO MORE


A role model for gamers everywhere, Naomi Kyle grew up gaming in her small Canadian town, Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts. Today, the twenty-something inspires gamers as host of the award-winning news show The Daily Fix on IGN Entertainment, where she covers games, tech, and entertainment. Naomi talked to NO MORE about why she supports our mission and how important it is for bystanders to speak out.

As a leader in the gaming industry, why is NO MORE’s mission so important to you?

The NO MORE campaign is fighting to break a deep-seated silence surrounding domestic violence and abuse. It brings to light an issue that continues to poison homes across the world and is often kept in the shadows. People need to see what goes on behind the curtain, what kind of suffering takes place — sometimes right under their noses — and to give those families a voice. The only way to change it is to fuel the discussion.

I want to fight for those who don’t have the support of their community or the capacity to fight for themselves and to teach those around them the importance of speaking up for their fellow man. Given my exposure in gaming and the industry’s information fluidity and abundance, I feel I can really have an impact. NO MORE embodies a powerful message that resonates. That was the appeal of the campaign for me. It struck a chord, because the message was clear, direct, and effective.

In an industry that’s often scrutinized for its association with violence, NO MORE is my vessel to help educate and raise awareness around domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I’ve met people who were affected by domestic violence and found the courage to speak out, and it’s what saved them. But I know, more often than not, others aren’t so lucky. It makes me want to do something. The silence and lack of awareness about these matters has to stop. They’re real and won’t go away until we act and expose them. It’s affecting our society on the deepest of levels. I want others brought to this campaign to feel a sense of strength and individual voice, because I truly believe NO MORE  brings that out in everyone it touches. It’s why I joined, and it’s why I want to share that feeling with the gaming community.

In an industry that’s often scrutinized for its association with violence, NO MORE is my vessel to help educate and raise awareness around domestic violence and sexual abuse. The gaming industry has been a massive part of my life, and I would hate to see it lost to these injustices because we didn’t speak up.

What’s your advice to women who want to get into the gaming industry but might be afraid or reluctant based on recent news?

In regards to what’s happening in recent news, don’t discount it or stop thinking about it, but definitely take your entry into the industry as a positive thing and don’t let anything deter you from it. The more women enter, the more the gaming space will morph into our ideal. Simply by joining, you’re encouraging others to do the same and adding to the numbers. Just think of all the lives you’re influencing simply by going for it.

Does your role in the industry ever make you feel intimidated or afraid — and if so, how do you cope with it?

I guess if I’m ever really afraid it’s almost always out of fear of being judged as inadequate. The way I cope is by reminding myself that I’m the only who gets to decide what I consider inadequate. No one else can dictate that for me. Set your own bar, a bar that makes sense for what you want to achieve, and work toward that. Don’t focus on what others think, focus on you achieving for yourself.

This applies to anyone in the public eye. I often see people censor themselves when they’re about to tweet something or post something controversial. Sure, the fear is there and it’s hard to get rid of, but if you focus on your end goal and know that fear will simply hinder you, then work against it. Do the opposite of what your fearful self might tell you. See what happens, bask in the excitement of making the “what ifs” happen.

Any words of wisdom for men and women who want to follow in your footsteps?

Play tons of games. Never let anyone determine how well you’re doing because you know whether you’re giving it your all or not. Always speak up for your fellow man and for what you think is right. And never give up on your dream of joining the industry — it needs you.

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