NO MORE & NRCDV Launch #NOMOREVerbalAbuse

By The NO MORE Team |

Did you know that nearly half of all women and men in the U.S. have experienced verbal abuse from a partner?


Though it is incredibly common, verbal abuse is difficult to detect, assess, and substantiate, and many cases go unreported. But words make an impact. Even though the scars are not visible, name-calling, threats, put-downs, constant criticism, gaslighting, or body-shaming from a partner have life-long negative effects.

That’s why, this week, NO MORE and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence introduced #NOMOREVerbalAbuse. We’re sending a clear message: Verbal abuse IS domestic violence.

The new campaign’s website—— includes:

  • Information and graphics about verbal abuse
  • Information on how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • The #NOMOREVerbalAbuse Pledge
  • A toolkit containing shareable resources 
  • Printable #NOMOREVerbalAbuse signage
  • Verbal abuse survivor stories 

Supporters of the campaign are encouraged to take the pledge via the website to join this effort. 

But for owners of Alexa devices, we have exciting news. You can also use your Alexa-enabled device to join the campaign and spread the word that verbal abuse is not acceptable. 

  • To open, a user says “Alexa, open NO MORE” 
  • Alexa then says “Hi – welcome to NO MORE.  Would you like to register your voice against verbal abuse?”
  • Answer: “Yes”
  • Alexa says “That’s great, thank you. You are the XXXth voice against verbal abuse. Together we can end verbal abuse once and for all.”

We want all survivors of verbal abuse to know that we see them, we hear them, and they are not alone. Take the pledge, and join us in spreading the message: “Verbal abuse IS domestic violence. And we say NO MORE.”



If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.


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