NO MORE Promotes Support for Domestic Violence Victims During COVID-19 with New PSA & Billboards

By The NO MORE Team|

During the COVID-19 health crisis, domestic violence is on the rise, with some countries reporting more than double the usual number of calls to hotline and support services.

In response to this ongoing, significant spike in domestic violence, NO MORE has launched a powerful new Public Service Announcement (PSA) that encourages those who are safe in isolation at home to help domestic violence survivors who are not. The PSA builds on NO MORE’s and the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s #Listeningfromhome campaign.

The PSA was created by award-winning global production company Great Guns for MRM McCann.

Warning: Video may be triggering for survivors.

“The PSA is powerful and disturbing in a way that we hope inspires more people to take domestic violence seriously and become allies in the effort to stop and prevent it — during this crisis and beyond,” said Pamela Zaballa, Global Executive Director of NO MORE. “We are extremely grateful to MRM and Great Guns for rising to the challenge of quickly producing a video while safely social distancing.”

In addition to this new PSA, the #Listeningfromhome campaign will now be included on more than 300 of Lamar’s digital billboards in over 50 U.S. markets. In the U.K., in partnership with the U.K. Says NO MORE chapter, the campaign posters will go up in pharmacies and on several billboards across the country, mobilizing key community spaces as places to access information and support.

As we navigate this difficult time, we will continue our efforts to heighten people’s awareness of this problem, learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence, and encourage both bystanders and survivors to safely get help if they witness or experience domestic abuse.


In an emergency, call 911. For resources, support, and information, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.


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