NO MORE to Thinking Bad Relationships in Songs Are Cool


A great song can change your mood.  As soon as you hear it, it changes the way you’re feeling.  I love music and I’m influenced by what I hear. Because music is so powerful, it really bothers me when songs express unhealthy attitudes, especially towards dating. That’s why I’m saying NO MORE to music that makes bad relationships seem like it’s something cool.

Songs stay with you. I’m always getting songs stuck in my head all day. If songs have such staying power in our minds, it’s important that they don’t have a negative meaning or promote unhealthy relationships or crazy behavior when it comes to dating.

That type of behavior doesn’t show a genuine deep love. It shows instability. And it shows an unhealthy relationship.

As someone who experienced it firsthand, it’s not fun to be afraid of your partner. It’s not sexy to have bruises on your body or worry that someone was going to get hurt. It’s scary and I don’t wish it on anyone.

My song “Didn’t Mean It” explains what it felt like to be in a relationship that was so up and down, so full of broken promises. No one asks to be abused or to have violence as a part of their love story. I wanted my fans to know that I’ve been through that and that I’m a survivor not a victim.  I’m not ashamed of it. It has taught me to be stronger and Never Look Back. By sharing my story through my music, I wanted to give my Jasminators strength to overcome their own obstacles.

When a song or a music video makes an unhealthy relationship seem fun, it’s only hiding the truth. We need to make more music about what love should really look like – kind, understanding, unselfish and nonviolent.

Please join me and say NO MORE to dating abuse or sexual assault.


This post was written by singer Jasmine Villegas and appeared originally on Oct. 31, 2012 on


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