During NO MORE Week 2020, #ChangeHappensHere

By The NO MORE Team|

This NO MORE Week we are highlighting all of the places—literal and figurative—where change needs to happen and IS happening in order to create a world with NO MORE domestic and sexual violence. 

Each day, we’ll focus on different areas in which NO MORE and its partners are making a difference. We’ll share inspiring stories of changemakers—survivors, advocates and supporters. And we’ll call on each of you to get involved and help make change too.

Here’s an overview of the week:

March 8

As we launch on International Women’s Day, we’ll start with saying NO MORE to gender inequality. Treating women equally and with respect are key to healthy relationships, workplaces, communities and countries. This can only happen through change in our culture and society.

March 9

On the 2nd day of NO MORE Week, we will focus on the pervasive issue of verbal abuse, which is estimated to impact 35-49% of people in the U.S. and Europe. It’s time to say #NOMOREVerbalAbuse and make change happen in our homes and relationships.

March 10

For the 3rd day, we will look at change happening in communities across America.  From schools to playing fields to businesses, there are programs and initiatives saying NO MORE to all forms of domestic and sexual violence.

March 11

The 4th day will be dedicated to saying NO MORE to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. We’ll explore the change happening in our workplaces and what we can achieve when both women AND men get involved.

March 12

On day 5, we will take a more global view and spotlight change happening around the world. Significant change happens when people say NO MORE standing by and decide to take action.

March 13

Before wrapping up NO MORE Week, we will ask everyone to think more deeply about the importance of change happening in our hearts and minds. It’s about saying NO MORE to myths and misperceptions, biases and narrowmindedness, and addressing intersections with racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, poverty, and more.

March 14

The final day of NO MORE Week is the beginning, not the end. In closing, we’ll look at how we can all continue to make change happen going forward. Change happens with you. #ChangeHappensHere


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