Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in the Latino Community: We Say NO MÁS

Are you ready for the DECIMOS NO MÁS Campaign?

Casa de Esperanza and NO MORE are excited to announce the launch of DECIMOS NO MÁS, a new national campaign engaging Latin@s to play a critical role in ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

Statistics show that an alarming number of Latin@ women and children are impacted by domestic violence in the United States:

  • 1 in 3 Latina women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimedecimos NO MAS NO MORE
  • 15 million children live in homes where they witness domestic violence

New research shows that Latin@s are taking steps to address domestic violence and sexual assault in their community:

  • More than half of the Latin@s (56%) in the U.S. know a victim of domestic violence, and one in four (28%) know a victim of sexual assault.
  • Latin@s believe fear is a major barrier to seeking help and fear of deportation is the top reason Latin@ victims may not come forward.

Despite the fear and how difficult it is to talk about these issues, Latin@s are taking action:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Latin@s (61%) who knew a victim of domestic violence, say they intervened and did something for the victim.
  • Latin@ parents are much more likely than parents in the U.S. population at large to talk to their children about domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • More than half (54%) of Latin@ parents have talked to their children about these issues and 83% of Latin@s are willing to talk with the children in their lives about domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • An overwhelming majority of Latin@s believe that starting young and educating children about healthy relationships is the key to prevention.

IMG_4159A Campaign with A Call to Action for Parents

Developed in partnership with NO MORE and Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network, the DECIMOS NO MÁS Campaign targets parents specifically, and encourages them to have meaningful conversations with their children about these issues. The new campaign utilizes the theme “Their Hero is You” in creative concepts to mobilize parents to speak up. New resources are available.

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