Supporter Shares NO MORE with Coworkers

A NO MORE supporter sent this email to her coworkers to encourage more conversation about domestic violence and sexual assault:

“He was such a nice guy,” I groaned as the words came out of my mouth. Just last night in discussing a family member’s divorce with my mom, I couldn’t believe I said it. Yes, he was a nice guy the few times we saw him at extended family gatherings over the years, but we have since learned that it was not a healthy relationship – controlling to nth degree. And, now she was leaving him, bravely.

So why am I sharing this story about my family? Because even after working on domestic violence for nearly 10 years, I found myself saying the exact cliché that plagues this issue.

The billboard features an excuse often used when an instance of domestic or sexual abuse is made known: NO MORE…”She Was Asking For It”

NO MORE was launched nationwide this past March with the goal of normalizing the conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault, ultimately reducing the stigma many victims feel. A year later NO MORE is taking off. The symbol has been spotted on t-shirts, outdoor signs and car bumpers around the country, and there is a NO MORE billboard on LA’s famed Hollywood and Vine (pictured above). It is part of a larger PSA campaign called, “Excuses” and I urge you to take 30 seconds to watch this video below — and then share it with your friends.

I had shown my mom the PSA a week earlier. So when I said the words and groaned, she understood why that phrase shouldn’t be part of the conversation.

And that is what NO MORE is about. It is about changing behaviors and talking openly about domestic violence and sexual assault for everyone – not just those in bad relationships.



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