The Huffington Post’s Blog on the NO MORE Study


Read the Huffington Post’s blog, featuring the NO MORE Study, commissioned by our partners at the Avon Foundation for Women:

Sixty percent of Americans know a survivor of domestic violence. One in three women (30 percent), one in seven men (14 percent) report living with intimate violence. The bad news, when it comes to domestic violence, is that the situation, globally, is stunningly in its scope. The good news is that we have defined issues and well-developed solutions. Even if the problem is complex, there are approaches that are clear.  What is ambiguous is whether we care and have the will to change the statistics.

As it is, the idea of returning to the “safety” of one’s home is elusive for huge swaths of the our population. It is safe to say that justice for women, still difficult to achieve in a public context, is only now being considered something that should extend into the private sphere. This harsh and discriminatory reality, historically, has been considered a private matter, rendering it silent and invisible, and largely encouraging the notion that the violence is inevitable.

Globally, the situation is well-documented: pandemic, global violence against girls and women, primarily at the hands of men, usually men they know and often in their own homes. A study conducted in Asia revealed that men themselves understand violence, especially sexual violence, to be a male entitlement. We don’t have recent a study in the U.S. that asks the same questions.

Many people think that this is an “over there” problem. It’s not… Read more


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