The NO MORE Toolkit

We recently added some new items to our toolkit, including the new NO MORE Style Guide, to help you continue to spread the word about NO MORE!

This zip file contains the entire NO MORE toolkit in one convenient download.

Download now (zip file, 975k)

Toolkit contents:

  1. NO MORE Logos – Get the symbol and tagline, now available in both English and Spanish, in various sizes for easy download and sharing. Use them as your Facebook cover, on your website, blog, letterhead, etc. and start raising awareness (file types now include JPG, EPS and PNG).
  2. NO MORE Workplace Flier – This flier shows fan submitted responses to the question, “I say NO MORE because…” Display this in your office, on your college campus, in a classroom or on a community bulletin board (suggested placement: restroom stall doors).
  3. NO MORE Postcards – Share these with your contacts or use as giveaways at events or for friends. You can customize easily by adding your company or organization logo.
  4. NO MORE Fliers – Share these on bulletin boards, at events and with colleagues, classmates and friends. The flier includes a brief description of NO MORE and suggestions on how to start using the symbol. You can customize this easily by adding your company or organization logo.
  5. NO MORE Posters – Display these in your office, on campus and at events. You can print them in various sizes and customize them easily by adding your company or organization logo.
  6. NO MORE E-mail Signature – Add this to your email signature and share NO MORE with every note you send.
  7. NO MORE Twibbon – A Twibbon is like a bumper sticker for your Twitter or Facebook profile picture. Use this link to add the NO MORE Twibbon to yours in a few easy steps.
  8. E-mail Template – Send this to introduce your networks to NO MORE.
  9. Sample Social Media Posts – Share NO MORE on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  10. NO MORE index sheets – These guidelines show the minimum size and spacing requirements for using the symbol in both English and Spanish.
  11. NO MORE spectral data sheet – Use this to match the NO MORE colors exactly when printing the symbol on brochures, t-shirts or any other product.
  12. NEW! – NO MORE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – What does the NO MORE symbol represent? How was it developed? How do I get a color swatch of the NO MORE blue and gray? This quick reference sheet has many answers to the most frequently asked questions about NO MORE.
  13. NEW! – NO MORE Style Guide – This contains all of NO MORE’s visual identity guidelines. Reference this document to ensure you always use the NO MORE symbol correctly.

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