Troy Vincent Says NO MORE On Father’s Day


Troy Vincent, Senior Vice President of NFL Player Engagement and former NFL player, talks about the importance of talking to your children about healthy relationships in an op-ed published by USA TODAY:

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As the father of five children, I consider one of my most important duties is to be a teacher. That is why this Father’s Day, in return for the gifts I receive, I will reciprocate with the greatest gift I can give my children — the tools required to have and sustain healthy, mature relationships built on mutual respect and trust. To accomplish this, I am on a constant quest to identify teachable moments.

It’s not easy to drive this message home when our children are the most distracted generation ever due to technology such as smart phones and texting. Yet, the urgency to break through this noise has never been greater as recent statistics show that every minute, 24 people in the United States are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. These startling figures are simply unacceptable, which is why organizations such as NO MORE feel the time has come to end the silence and get men talking about these issues.

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