U.S. Congressman Says “NO MORE” to Sexual Assault and Shaming


The viciousness of their accusations — blaming my niece, mocking and shaming her defenders — demonstrates how very misguided our society is when it comes to sexual assault.

These are the words spoken by New York Congressman, Tom Reed, about the experience his niece had after disclosing her rape. Prom night, a time usually filled with young glamour and excitement, brought a very scary reality into the life of his young niece. Congressman Reed shares his niece’s story and urges others to join his effort in speaking out against sexual assault.

Click here to read his blog featured on The Huffington Post and watch his recent speech on the House floor to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This story is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and NOMORE.org in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 


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