USA TODAY Announces NO MORE: “Sexual abuse and domestic violence symbol is launched”


The No More Project has created a symbol to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Christine Mau doesn’t want anyone to go through the abuse that she suffered, which is why she helped design the No More symbol.

No More is an international campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, using a symbol its creators hope will become as well-known as the pink breast cancer ribbon.

Mau grew up with an abusive father, suffering sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Her father once shot her dog. The cycle continued with an abusive boyfriend. She was used to it.

“Because you saw what your father does or how your parents interact, you just don’t know that is not acceptable,” says Mau, European design director at Kimberly-Clark. Mau designed the oval Kleenex box.

It took the help of teachers, guidance counselors and friends to show Mau she didn’t have to live with abuse. Click to read more

“We need to stand together and simply say… no more.” -Tim Gunn, Project Runway
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NO MORE Symbol featured on the homepage of USA TODAY. 




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