Veteran Survivor Says NO MORE


Last year, 26,000 members of the Armed Forces were sexually assaulted. This problem is appalling, but not new.

Marcel, a former U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant who served our country for more than a decade, is a brave survivor of sexual assault who recently shared her heart-wrenching story with NO MORE.

While she was in the military, Marcel was raped by her superior.  Her daughters were sleeping in the other room.  She was afraid to speak out then, but not anymore.

As the pervasiveness of sexual assault in the military continues to make headlines in recent days, we’ve seen stories like Marcel’s come to light.  We applaud her for speaking out and saying NO MORE sexual assault.

Sharing this story plays a big role in activating people to stop such violence. Will you help us share Marcel’s story and raise awareness on this critical issue?

Say #NOMORESA – share this image with your network on Facebook and Twitter.

Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.

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