Powerful, Everyday ways to Say NO MORE


Last week, the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault released a detailed report with recommendations on ways to prevent and respond to campus rape. They also launched a PSA campaign, 1 is 2 Many, with a moving YouTube video starring Seth Meyers, Daniel Craig, Steve Carell, and other celebrities.

This is huge progress—but you don’t have to be famous to take a stand against sexual assault and domestic violence.  Here are a few small, inspiring ways to say “NO MORE” that we absolutely love.

1. Pennsylvania high-schooler Aaliyah Larson made a public service announcement for her video production class. She could do an ad for anything she wanted—and she chose NO MORE. The best part: She included girls and boys in her clip.

[youtube id=”nBqV6iM689U”]
2. In New York state, Alfred University’s Lady Saxon softball team filmed a powerful video about domestic violence and sexual assault. In their own words, “NO MORE ‘No one will listen, anyway.’” These athletes are strong on and off the field.

[youtube id=”7LRw70S3S2Q”]


3. In New Jersey, William Paterson University’s football team sent us a photo of players holding NO MORE signs to show their support. Thanks, guys!



4. Meanwhile, WPU’s associate vice president for campus life, Francisco Diaz, was spotted sporting a NO MORE T-shirt for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Francisco Diaz


5. LBGT advocacy group In Our Own Voices filmed this powerful video blasting the myths surrounding same-sex assault.

[youtube id=”71EjHcZQdvc”]


6. The Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence provides education, outreach, and training regarding family violence and sexual assault. Here are two supporters posing during NO MORE Week.



7. Score: On March 13, 2013, the Washington Wizards basketball team celebrated NO MORE Day at a home game at the Verizon Center. NO MORE partnered with the Wizards to hand out towels (the fans loved them!) and to show a NO MORE PSA during half time.



8. One NO MORE supporter opted to spread the message on wheels.



9. And one of our Twitter followers hand-designed a creative springtime NO MORE message.



10. In Merrimack County, New Hampshire, one out of every two women will experience domestic or sexual assault. Local faith communities held a vigil this month to say NO MORE. The goal? To give men and women a safe place to hear—maybe for the first time—words like “this is not your fault.” Here, Reverend Michael Leuchtenberger of Concord’s Unitarian Universalist Church holds a NO MORE sign.


11. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape concocted a very sweet way to say NO MORE. Great packaging, too!



12. At Purdue University, one student Tweeted a photo of a NO MORE T-shirt, worn to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month.



13. Last but definitely not least, it’s never too early for kids to learn the meaning of NO MORE. Check out this message from a Phoenix, Arizona teacher.



You can be an everyday hero, too. To share how you’re saying NO MORE, upload a photo to our gallery.


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