About Us

Our Story

A project of NEO Philanthropy, NO MORE is dedicated to getting the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse out of the shadows and encouraging everyone — women and men, youth and adults, from all walks of life — to be part of the solution. By creating public awareness campaigns, providing tools and resources for anti-violence organizations and sparking national and international activism, NO MORE inspires cultural change and advances societal progress.  

Launched in 2013, NO MORE brings together the largest coalition of advocacy groups, service providers, governmental agencies, major corporations, universities, communities and individuals, all under a common brand and a unifying symbol in support of a world free of violence.

NO MORE’s mission is to unite and strengthen a diverse, global community to help end domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.

Our Values

Unity & Collaboration

Forging innovative public-private partnerships and collaborative efforts that unite domestic violence and sexual assault organizations that share our vision.


Continually measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of our work to demonstrate our impact and inform future efforts.


Commitment to engage with diverse leaders and communities and honor the voices of all survivors.


Open source and cutting edge tools to help catalyze change and advance the movement to end domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.


Building trust and public support through openness and communication.

What we do

  • Amplify the conversation.  NO MORE creates innovative partnerships and high-impact, large-scale media campaigns to drive global awareness, inspire action and help transform social norms. 
  • Catalyze & empower grassroots action to help end DV/SA year-round.  We equip people and organizations with free, customizable tools that can be leveraged to increase awareness, education, prevention, and funding for domestic violence and sexual assault in their communities.
  • Increase resources and support for local domestic violence and sexual assault organizations across the country.  NO MORE provides free, co-brandable creative marketing and communications tools, channels and vehicles that help drive education, generate new resources and grow new relationships for domestic violence and sexual assault nonprofits.

Our Approach

NO MORE was founded with several key principles:

  • The NO MORE symbol is not owned by any one organization. Rather, it belongs to and is available for use by all those committed to help end domestic violence and sexual assault. Tools to use the symbol are available completely free of charge and can be found in the NO MORE Toolkit.
  • NO MORE does not accept donations from the general public. Instead, NO MORE directs individual donations and any profit generated from the sale of products in the NO MORE Shop to partner organizations in the direct service, advocacy and prevention fields (see the list of Benefitting Organizations). NO MORE also encourages those working to end DV and SA to use the NO MORE symbol and assets to raise money, generate support, and bring communities together around these issues. Seed and limited operating funding, as well as pro-bono services for NO MORE, come from a team of volunteers, corporations and corporate foundations who share the vision of NO MORE.
  • NO MORE does not provide direct services or lobby for policy reforms. Instead, we work to amplify key messages, bringing visibility and resources to the local, state and national non-profit organizations for whom NO MORE was founded and with whom NO MORE partners.

Our Team

NO MORE is advised by a Steering Committee which includes representatives from leading DV and SA organizations who are taking an active role in the development of the project. Ongoing NO MORE activities and operation are overseen by the Executive Committee and an Interim board, made up of representatives from corporate partners and non-profits.

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