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Our Story

Our Mission

NO MORE is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fueling culture change.

NO MORE is a groundbreaking, global initiative comprised of the largest coalition of nonprofits, corporations, government agencies, media, schools and individuals addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. We are a campaign of NEO Philanthropy, a 501(c)(3) public charity, and are committed to engaging, reaching and working with people from diverse communities. We work to amplify and grow the movement to stop and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault, in homes, schools, workplaces and communities around the world by creating innovative campaigns, partnerships and tools that leverage the power of the media, entertainment, sports, technology, and collective action.

Our History

Much like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, or the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS awareness and action, NO MORE’s founders set out to create a powerful, visual way to express support for ending domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA).

Launched in 2013, NO MORE brought together stakeholders from the public and private sector working to end domestic violence and sexual assault, all under a common brand and a unifying symbol in support of a world free of violence.

Our Values

Unity & Collaboration

Forging innovative public-private partnerships and collaborative efforts that unite domestic violence and sexual assault organizations that share our vision.


Continually measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of our work to demonstrate our impact and inform future efforts.


Commitment to engage with diverse leaders and communities and honor the voices of all survivors.


Open source and cutting edge tools to help catalyze change and advance the movement to end domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.


Building trust and public support through openness and communication.

Our Work

Our work includes four main pillars:

  1. Large-Scale Media Campaigns – Award-winning PSAs with celebrities, athletes & everyday people
  2. Education & Community Engagement – NOMORE.org is a hub for information and engagement, including:
    • NO MORE Pledge—pledge to support survivors and prevent violence
    • NO MORE Gallery—more than 7,000 survivors and allies are speaking out and collectively, transforming the shame and stigma around these issues
    • NO MORE Toolkit—open-source, customizable tools and resources
    • We Say NO MÁS—bilingual, collaborative effort in partnership with Casa de Esperanza aimed at elevating Latin@ community’s efforts to prevent violence
  3. Grassroots Activism and Fundraising
    • NO MORE Week—week of action with local events, tv marathons, social media campaigns and more
    • NO MORE Challenge—fundraising competition with grants to small, under-resourced programs
    • NO MORE Shop—benefiting anti-violence nonprofits
  4. Outreach & Technical Assistance – Outreach, support and media training for NO MORE Ambassadors, educators, community organizers and corporations

Our Approach

The NO MORE symbol is not owned by any one organization. Rather, it belongs to and is available for use by all those committed to help end domestic violence and sexual assault. Tools to use the symbol are available completely free of charge and can be found in the NO MORE Toolkit.

Our Results

In just a few years, NO MORE has become largest and most successful public awareness campaign on domestic violence and sexual assault in history. Nearly 1,200 organizations and 75,000 individuals have joined NO MORE. Hundreds of schools created NO MORE groups, and another 30 local city-wide, state-wide and international NO MORE programs have been born. Thanks to our partners, our PSAs have gotten more than 4.4 billion impressions.

Our Team

The coalition organization operates under the guidance of a volunteer Executive Board and a Steering Committee, which includes representatives from leading anti-violence nonprofits. Day-to-day, NO MORE is overseen by a small, but dedicated team.

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