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What is NO MORE?

NO MORE is a unifying symbol and campaign to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

What is NO MORE’s goal?

By raising awareness nationally and bringing people, organizations and advocates together around a common mission, NO MORE aims to help gradually shift perceptions, normalize conversations and engage bystanders to take action to prevent and ultimately end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Who is behind NO MORE?

The NO MORE Project is fiscally sponsored through NEO Philanthropy, a 501(c)(3) public charity that provides fiscal sponsorship to projects and campaigns on a range of social justice issues (EIN#13-3191113). Day-to-day, NO MORE is overseen by a small, but dedicated team. To reach out, email info[at]nomore.org.

The NO MORE Steering Committee includes representatives from leading domestic violence and sexual assault organizations who are taking an active role in the development of the Project. The NO MORE Executive Committee, with representatives from corporate partners and non-profits, oversees NO MORE’s ongoing activities. The members of the Executive and Steering Committees contribute their time, expertise and leadership to NO MORE – you can meet the members of our Executive and Steering Committees here!

NO MORE is also supported by hundreds of allied groups and organizations who registered online as supporters of NO MORE’s vision. Additionally there are also dozens of state and city led coalitions, student groups and others who are championing NO MORE with localized campaigns that are run independently of the national NO MORE movement. Local NO MORE campaigns are featured on our homepage. More than 70,000 online subscribers have joined since NO MORE launched on March 13, 2013.

To contact NO MORE, please reach out to us here and for regular updates, follow NO MORE on Twitter (@NOMOREorg) Facebook (NOMORE.org) and Instagram (@NOMOREorg).

What does NO MORE do?

NO MORE exists to raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault and generate support and resources for the many organizations that are working on these issues. NO MORE does this by:

  • Making the NO MORE symbol freely available to anyone to use to raise money and support for their work to end domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Equipping organizations and advocates with free, simple tools to increase visibility and educate their communities about domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Conducting new research with partners on how domestic violence and sexual assault are impacting various communities.
  • Raising awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault nationally with Public Service Announcements.
  • Giving survivors and supporters a platform to speak out and raise awareness about domestic violence & sexual assault. Check out our online Pledge and Photo Gallery.
  • Helping visitors to nomore.org find local organizations and events that they can get involved with and support near them.
  • Connecting visitors to nomore.org with relevant resources and news.

Does NO MORE help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault?

NO MORE is not a service provider, but its work to raise awareness and support for domestic violence and sexual assault, and for the non-profits that are working to prevent them is helping to make a difference in the lives of survivors. NO MORE directs all individual donations to partner organizations in the prevention field, bolstering the lifesaving services they provide to communities nationwide. NO MORE also encourages those working to end domestic violence and sexual assault to use NO MORE to raise money, generate support, and bring communities together around these issues. One example of NO MORE’s impact is the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a member of the NO MORE Steering Committee, which has used the sale of their own NO MORE products to raise more than $30,000 to support their work.

How can I order the California NO MORE car tag?

Anyone with a car registered in California can order the NO MORE license plate online at www.nomoreplate.org. All proceeds from the funds generated from the sell of the plate will go into a fund for California’s domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers to provide education and prevention services statewide.

What research has NO MORE conducted?

In 2014, NO MORE partnered with the Avon Foundation for Women to conduct two NO MORE studies, examining the attitudes of teens and young adults toward domestic violence and sexual assault. The research, disseminated in March and September of 2014, uncovered that 3 in 4 parents (73%) have not talked to their children about domestic violence or sexual assault and that 64% of Americans say that if we talk more about these issues, it would make it easier for them to help someone. A national NO MÁS study of the impact of these issues in the Latin@ community, commissioned by the Avon Foundation for Women and conducted in partnership with Casa de Esperanza, was released in the spring of 2015. Learn more at www.nomore.org/nomas or www.wesayNOMAS.org.

In addition to contributing new and important insights about these issues to the prevention field and the world, the NO MORE studies have helped generate tremendous awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault, helping people understand the urgency of these problems.

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