The NO MORE Symbol

Throughout human history, we’ve used symbols to recognize, remember, and reform our world, [especially] public health scourges. Linking the thousands of people, working in hundreds of non-profit organizations, who use many great programs to prevent and intervene in domestic violence and sexual assault, we now have this singular symbol. Wear it with pride. You might just change the world, one silently suffering person at a time.”  -Dr. Rob Schreiner, former Kaiser Permanente Executive

About the NO MORE Symbol

Like the red AIDS ribbon or the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon before it, the blue NO MORE symbol is the first overarching, unifying symbol to express universal support for ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Survivor-inspired, developed in consultation with top marketing and branding pros and tested with diverse audiences, the symbol’s signature blue “vanishing point” evolved from the concept of zero – as in zero incidences of DV/SA. Our partners use the NO MORE symbol to amplify the power of the domestic violence and sexual assault movement.

The Signature

The NO MORE signature is the visual embodiment of our shared goal; promoting an end to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our signature consists of three elements:

  1. the NO MORE wordmark
  2. the unifying symbol
  3. the tagline

The Unifying Symbol

Far more than an ordinary blue circle, the Vanishing Point is a powerful and positive icon that visually encapsulates NO MORE.

  • Its infinite and all-encompassing circular form represents the global community working together without boundaries
  • It’s a safe place where we all converge to lend support to those affected
  • It’s a light at the end of the tunnel, providing a view into a future free of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • It’s a definitive end, akin to punctuation closing a statement or a thought


The NO MORE Tagline

The tagline provides important context and is critical in educating the population about what we stand for. Our tagline is our rallying cry.

The NO MORE tagline is a clear and compelling statement; wholly inclusive and universally understood regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, geographic location or economic background. Using the tagline as often as possible will provide important context and help expedite the process of educating the population about NO MORE and what we stand for.


Co-Branding With the NO MORE Signature

Co-branding with other companies, causes, entities and individuals widens our reach and exposes NO MORE to significantly broader audiences. All those in support of promoting an end to domestic violence and sexual assault are invited to make use of our signature.

To co-brand, simply, download the appropriate signature for your application (more info in the usage guidelines) and design it into your communications.

Multiple iterations of the signature are available for you to use, depending upon your specific application.

Visit the Toolkit to download the Usage Guidelines and NO MORE logos