Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020 is here. Domestic violence was already an epidemic before COVID-19, but the health crisis has caused a tremendous spike in incidents of abuse. Even as lockdown restrictions are lifted, the abuse will not simply end. It remains a critical time for survivors, and greater awareness, education, and bystander intervention are desperately needed. This October, join us in activating bystanders and sharing information that can help those who are experiencing violence during this unprecedented time.


Together, we can help our friends, neighbors, and communities by #ListeningFromHome.

Share your #NOMORE DVAM Sign

Join us in taking a stance against behaviors, attitudes, and language that support domestic violence. Take a picture with your NO MORE sign and let us know why you’re saying “NO MORE” during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 


For individuals:


For organizations:

Co-brandable #DVAM sign Co-brandable #DVAM sign (Spanish)


Post your pictures & tag us with the hashtag #DVAM.

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