3:2 A Way Out

Mon Mar 9 2015 - Sat Mar 14 2015, All Day

I lost my beautiful sister over a decade ago. Her name was Jennifer. She was a victim of domestic violence. I can still see her beautiful face and hear the lilt of her voice and the sound of her laugh. She left behind three very young children. Her children, her parents and her siblings (including myself), all miss her very much. Sadly, I could not save her. However, my wife and I want to use our business as a platform to help others who may be in a life-threatening situation. Hopefully, by saving other lives, her death will not have been completely in vain. Please consider helping us save lives. 3:2 A Way Out is a workout tribute to this cause.

Mark D. Nolan


Molon Labe CrossFit
9100 Valley View Road. Unit A
Macedonia, Summit 44056

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