A Song for Jessica

A Song for Jessica

Sun Mar 31 2019 - Thu Mar 12 2020, All Day

The topic is Domestic Violence. The aim is not for the ultimate in realism.  The story is meant to be shaped as a fable and is told in memory, by Jessica some years after the events have taken place.   So there will be recurring themes and repeating images which may have a a haunting effect.
The aim is to create a gritty little film that gets up people’s noses – gets them irritated and annoyed. What we a looking at is two films. A Song for Jessica a long short film approx. 45 mins and a documentary exploring the issues associated with domestic violence – After the Violence in Search of Jessica. The idea is to make both films at once and then promote them through various channels.

The script will be used as the main bible of the film, but with an emphasis on translating the dialogue into images punctuated by words.   In other words while we will follow the narrative shape of the script we will look for ways of letting the visuals either do the speaking or set up the exchanges between characters through reactions and visual cues.

We are looking for a Producer and networking support – local and overseas.

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