Advocate Certification

Tue Mar 5 2024 - Thu Mar 7 2024, All Day


National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) and California Cognitive Behavioral Institute (CCBI) will conduct a 40-hour advocate certification training. Attendees will receive a certification from CCBI. The training will teach from standards in advocacy while instilling the core principals of NWCAVE’s Advocacy Center for Justice.

A continental breakfast, snacks, and coffee/tea/water will be provided throughout the day. The trainers are Dr. Kathie Mathis and Michelle Bart (see bios below). Throughout the training, guest presenters and case studies will be among the many facets of the 3-day training.

The training will:

1. Introduce best practices and explore the top characteristics needed to be a good advocate.

2. Present an understanding/definition of advocacy and the different types of advocacy.

3. It will provide important Tool-Box methods needed to advocate.

4. Educate you on court system and court terminology to effectively advocate.

5. Provide templates/forms for advocates to utilize in documentation and reports.

6. Teach advocates how to communicate effectively and work with the media industry.

7. Trauma informed advocacy so as not to revictimize victims of crime.

8. This workshop is designed to assist advocates to persevere/follow up and stay focused on advocacy.

9. Teach self-care to reduce possible burnout.

10. Educate on why media is important in advocacy and help develop skills necessary in building relationships with media.

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