But I Love Him

But I Love Him

Sat Jun 4 2016 - Sun Jun 26 2016, All Day

In this daring dramedy, performer Michelle Jewsbury opens up about the harsh realities of her own personal past experience and shines a spotlight on an all too common issue that both men and women face: Domestic Violence. With her honest, bold and brave approach, Michelle, under the sharp direction of acclaimed solo artist and director Jessica Lynn Johnson, uses “But I Love Him” as an in depth exploration of the very raw cycle of abuse and what it means to be a victim.

A true multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry, Michelle developed the idea for the show in a guided autobiography writing group and she soon realized hers was a story that needed to be shared to teach people the truth about domestic violence.


Asylum at 6470
6470 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, California 90038

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