NO MORE Week In Lancaster, PA

NO MORE Week In Lancaster, PA

Sat Mar 14 2015, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

We just lined up a location, and I have a few e-mails out for speakers. We are also going to encourage people in attendance to share stories and perspectives. The Seed is known in Lancaster County as being a “safe-space” and welcoming environment in which people can express themselves, or not express themselves at their own comfort. This event will be free and open to any members of the public. The goal would be to have donation jars for several local charities helping victims of domestic violence (a lot may depend on what speakers agree to present). The Seed also provides a number of vegan and vegetarian meals, and it would be great if people could support the people who are allowing us to use their space at no charge.

More details are coming in the next few days.


The Seed
52 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

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