Say NO MORE to Violence

Say NO MORE to Violence

Tue Dec 1 2015 - Thu Dec 31 2015, 12:00 am

This event is in dedication to all survivors but also to honor TV shows that have portrayed sexual assault or/and domestic violence storylines as a way to help real life survivors come forward and get help.
– Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Private Practice

NO means NO! It is time to take a stand and come together to show the world that we say NO to violence!

Whether you are a sexual assault survivor, know someone who is, part of an organization that promotes awareness or just an individual who says NO too then this is the month for you. This is the month for all of us to come together and say NO together.

By joining us from TeamStrick, you are also joining all survivors. Be a voice for those who can’t.

Please donate to our fundraiser to Joyful Heart Foundation

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