SevaVision Inc. Launches Fundraising Campaign: POWER IS MINE

SevaVision Inc. Launches Fundraising Campaign: POWER IS MINE

Wed Apr 1 2015 - Thu Apr 30 2015, All Day


My name is Jen Eastwood. I am a writer and director with the not for profit organization, SevaVision Inc., based out of Saint Augustine, Florida. We are small group of creatives who are passionate about our project.

My goal as writer and director of POWER IS MINE campaign video series, is to transform the stigma associated with being a female or male survivor of sexual violence and shift the public perception that it’s generally a faceless, background issue that only affects certain people in certain situations. What makes our video series unique is giving actual survivors the platform to be seen and heard on their terms. Our PSA series will create a visual path to the conversation that is continually needed within our families, friendships, and the public at large so the embarrassment and shame surrounding the topic will hold less power and ask the viewer to re-examine their beliefs surrounding sexual violence and it’s roots.

We are honored to have the participation of real survivors.

The fundraising goal for our PSA series is $10,000. We want to surpass our goal in order to film a follow up documentary that will continue to unite men and women and embolden our message. We also want to make a donation to the Inner Truth Project based in Port St. Lucie Florida, where some of the participating survivors for our project come from. This organization, founded by Mindy Fetterman, offers incredible therapy programs and support.

In our media campaign photo, you are seeing actual survivors who are willing to be a face of courage for our project. They want to make a difference. They are straight, gay, all ages, ethnicities and professions. They are parents, caregivers and two of them are sisters. They are an incredible group. Their courage is what inspires me and reminds me that I come from a normal, hard working family that for years kept secrets that forced an uncle, a cousin, a sister in law, an aunt and even myself to remain silent because you just didn’t talk about it. The consequences of denial and silence is devastating on many levels as you well know.

We are creating a visual compass that will help channel the anger and pain that so many survivors continue to suffer. I’m asking for your support so our organization can let people know on a large scale who we are and where they can donate on behalf of someone they love. Every dollar and story shared will make a difference. Thank you for your time.

In Gratitude,

Jen Eastwood
SevaVision Inc.

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