Surviving the Mic Open Mic + Live Podcast: Mae Flores

Mon Mar 9 2020, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic + Live Podcast is a brave space performance + interview series for survivors of sexual harm.

The Surviving the Mic Open Mic takes place from 7-9pm, at the Experimental Station, located at 6100 S. Blackstone, Chicago, IL.


Mae Flores is an award-winning Filipina-American actress turned advocate & speaker. She is well-known for her work in the sci-fi, independent cult classic, “Atlantis Down” and her LA-based philanthropic, independent music show, “Mae Flores Presents.”

In 2013, Mae was awarded Entertainer of the Year at the Filipino American Hall of Fame for her contribution to the arts and entertainment within her Filipino community. She was lauded with recognition in the State of Virginia as well as given an Honorary US Naval Membership to the USS Theodore Roosevelt active aircraft carrier. She is commemorated annually in the the State of Virginia, where they declared October 3rd as “Mae Flores Pinay Day” as part of Filipino American National Heritage Month, “to celebrate her successes as a true representation of what being a Filipina-American is about.”

Mae is a Goodwill Ambassador for various organizations like “Today I’m Brave”. And in 2016, EuropeAid honored her as one of the Top 200 Women in the World Development Wall of Fame. Mae has spoken in various local and global events like United Nations Women in New York and was a feature TED speaker in 2017.

Mae fervently advocates for women’s rights and gender equality. Because she is a two-time survivor of gender based violence, she uses her personal experiences to advocate and develop various programming in order to help educate and heal others. Currently, she is the passionate founder of “Light Me Up” a program which uses the power of movement, voice and music to show survivors how to use tools that they already have within themselves to find their own paths to healing. This program is one she has developed over the past few years during discussions with organizations she has met with during her invitations to the UN & UN Women.

She hopes through her work, she can provide hope and strengthen men, women and youth to believe that healing begins within themselves, and that everyday we all have the choice to make it.

Anyone over 14 at any level of experience is invited to share their poetry, music, prose, comedy, or creativity on the open mic. To be considered as a featured performer, please attend one of our open mics first, then email us at

These open mics are intended to give space to people speaking poetry to power, telling the truths they need to tell. This is a space where people can be vulnerable, and their vulnerability is cared for and respected. The audience is expected to listen with compassion and all boundaries must be respected, especially physical. Consent should never be presumed, especially when it comes to touching. It’s better to ask and feel awkward, than touch and trigger.

It is impossible to exclude triggers from these events as folks are sharing stories that they need to tell that might use language or imagery that could be upsetting. This article, from CALCASA (the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault), provided us with some insight about triggers. Read here:

With this in mind, volunteer first responders will be available at these open mics. Illinois state-certified Crisis Counselor and founder of Surviving the Mic, Nikki Patin, will be present and hosting every month. If you’re interested in serving as a first responder, please email us at

Affirming and accessible
The open mics are LGBTQIAA friendly and affirming. The space is accessible to folks who have difficulty navigating stairs or use a wheelchair. For other types of accommodation, please contact

Co-sponsored by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation ( and Experimental Station (


Experimental Station
6100 S. Blackstone
Chicago, IL 60637

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