U-PREP’s Denim Day/Respect Week

Mon Apr 25 2016 - Fri Apr 29 2016, 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Students started this week passing out wristbands to start a conversation. Wristbands have the words; Awareness, Compassion, and Respect on them. The idea was that it would work like a chain, each student would pass out one wristband, and then that student would in turn give out another wristband. Each time they distribute a wristband, they start a conversation. Conversation topics are the following: what does respect, compassion, or awareness mean to? Or they educate one another on Sexual Awareness Month, Denim Day, or Club No More. Wednesday of this week, we are attempting to have a picture book, where students will take the pledge and take a picture stating why they are saying “no more.” With the help of One Safe Place here in town, we are making this an annual event. On Thursday, ASB and other on campus clubs are creating a “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”  lunch activity to help spread awareness about the opportunity in May.


University Preparatory School
2200 Eureka Way
Redding, California 96001

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