Washington Says NO MORE – Predators Among Us

Thu Mar 11 2021, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Join NO MORE’s Washington Chapter for a virtual session presented by Dr. Kathie Mathis, nationally recognized expert in trauma and perpetrators. Learn about the psychology of domestic violence perpetration and understand the mind of a predator.


About Dr. Kathie Mathis

With over 30 years of experience as a CEO, Master Trainer, Advocate, Legislative Educator, Expert Court Witness assisting in over 500 court cases, Judicial Advocate for Court Reform, writing laws and getting them past in the Senate and Assembly, recipient of many awards including one from a Past President of the United States, Dr. Kathie Mathis is a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Doctorate of Divinity who works tirelessly for victims of trauma, trafficking and abuse. She also has worked with every Governor of the State of California from Pete Wilson to Governor Brown. She has met with past Presidents of our country, helped writelegislation. She is founder and CEO of California Cognitive Behavioral Institute which provides cognitive behavioral interventions and preventions through different modalities. Kathie is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences and seminars, bringing her humor and motivation into every speaking engagement whether it be workshops and/or trainings throughout California. Her laughter workshops are fun and creates a good balance for healing from trauma. She is also currently the President of the California Association of Anger Management Providers and National Director of Training for the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation and approved trainer for the National Anger Management Association. She is certified in domestic violence advocacy, batterers intervention, child abuse, sex abuse, sex addiction, sex offender intervention/recovery, drug/alcohol, grief/loss, Parenting, Laughter therapy, human trafficking advocacy, SociopathicType Relationships, Anger Management, and more.

Dr. Kathie Mathis is a published author and has written monthly columns for magazines, newspapers and has appeared on television shows such as Dr. Phil, Rolanda Watts Show, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. She is recognized as a leader in domestic violence certification, prevention and intervention, human trafficking certification, intervention and prevention; training therapists, psychologists, social workers, law enforcement, FBI, parole and probation departments/individuals and counselors, clergy and corporations as well as educators and lawyers. Dr. Kathie Mathis is passionate about everything she does. Her motto she learned from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Well behaved women rarely make history!”

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