Sexual Violence Prevention — There’s An App for That


Soraya Chemaly, a politics and culture writer, explores college dating violence and technology as a valuable tool to combat the threat of sexual violence and assault.

Almost two years ago, the story of Yeardley Love, a University of Virginia student who was tragically murdered by her abusive boyfriend, dominated the news. Questions still remain. In her story, Soraya asks:  “How…could this have happened? Where were the parents? Where were the teachers? Where were the friends? And yes, why couldn’t she end it?” The Apps Against Abuse program addresses these questions and raises one more: What could have been done to prevent it?  With the innovative new Circle of 6 iPhone application, help can be just a click away.

Learn more about emerging technologies empowering bystanders, both men and women, to start the conversations and stop the violence.  Download the app and say NO MORE.


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