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Jessica Diaz

I say no more because I was lucky to survive 12 years of abuse by my ex husband who I share 4 children with. The last time he attempted to take my life which was clear by both his words and horrendous acts of violence over a 23 hour period, held prisoner through both force and fear. I had amazing support from the detective on the case to the victim advocates to the D.A assigned. Never did I feel alone for the first time. I heard it was not my fault no matter what I did/didn't do. Never had someone said that to me. He was found guilty on 2 of 4 charges which I will never understand but I took back my power and my light by telling my truth. He is being held accountable. I can move forward knowing my children are safe with positive role models instead of living through unending cycles of violence. We have hope, faith and love. We have a future. Jessica

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