The Sports Community: One Key to Ending Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


Recent weeks have seen a dynamic new national conversation about domestic violence, adding to the continuing dialogue about sexual assault. Together, we have the opportunity to bring these issues out of the shadows and make sure they are addressed and ended.

That is the goal of NO MORE.  Launched in 2013, supported by major organizations devoted to ending domestic violence and sexual assault, NO MORE is a unifying movement with hundreds of local allies and thousands of followers nationwide. NO MORE is raising awareness with a groundbreaking PSA campaign, sparking new conversations and moving these issues higher on the public agenda.  We are engaging everyone with a stake in this issue — bystanders and survivors, men and women, people of all races and ages — in saying NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.

We welcome the opportunity to help foster positive change within the influential sports community. Two of our NO MORE leaders, Co-Founder Jane Randel and longtime advocate and NO MORE Steering Committee member Rita Smith, have been tapped by the NFL to help improve domestic violence and sexual assault policies and programs.  They are trusted leaders whose deep expertise and passionate commitment to these issues has been reflected over the past decades. The NFL will be calling on the expertise of NO MORE Steering Committee groups, including A CALL TO MEN, the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, Futures Without Violence, and the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Ending domestic violence and sexual assault is a long journey, one that will be challenging and difficult.  Addressing the necessary change within the NFL will take time and effort, but is a crucial step toward NO MORE domestic violence and sexual assault.


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