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NO MORE Welcomes Pamela Zaballa as Global Executive Director

We are so excited to announce that Pamela Zaballa has been named Global Executive Director of NO MORE!


With more than 15 years of experience, Pamela has worked to support survivors of violence, as well as to prevent abuse and assault from occurring in the first place. Most recently, she served as the Prevention for Domestic Abuse Director at Hestia where she created successful initiatives to utilize state-of-the-art technology to help victims and to engage corporations as partners in the effort to stop domestic and sexual violence. During that time, she launched U.K. Says NO MORE and consulted for NO MORE as the International Development Director. She is also a Trustee for the Employers Initiative Against Domestic Abuse.

Pamela’s appointment comes as NO MORE looks to expand our work to a broader international community. Working with more than 75,000 global activists and 1,300 allied organizations, NO MORE is on the cusp of an even broader reach that we hope will soon span the globe. Already, more than 300 schools and 30 local NO MORE campaigns are working to amplify our effort to end domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fueling culture change.  

During this critical moment in our society, and as more countries are establishing NO MORE campaigns, we are thrilled to have Pamela’s incredibly diverse wealth of experience in the field to help advance the culture changes critical to stopping and preventing domestic violence and sexual assault across the globe.

Thank you for everything you do every day to support survivors and bring about systemic change. We can’t wait to share more details and progress with you!


About NO MORE:

NO MORE is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action, and fueling culture change. Launched in 2013, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides public awareness campaigns, marketing tools, and communications resources for anti-violence organizations, large and small. Encouraging everyone – women and men, youth and adults, from all walks of life – to be part of the solution, NO MORE sparks national and international grassroots activism. NO MORE brings together the largest coalition of advocacy groups, service providers, governmental agencies, major corporations, universities, communities and individuals, all under a common brand and a unifying symbol in support of a world free of violence.

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