Meet the Men Who Are Redefining Manhood


Ten Men can make a difference. This groundbreaking group—poets, campers, golfers, dads—is made up of diverse Rhode Island men with a common vision: a world without domestic violence. Some have children. Some work with survivors. Some are survivors themselves. All of them want to say NO MORE.

They know that true manhood doesn’t include violence, power, or aggression, and they’re here to spread the word to other men and boys. They know that many everyday men want to stop the cycle but don’t just know how.

How do they help? Each year, ten exemplary men are nominated by the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Through a yearlong commitment, they reach out to the community and coordinate public awareness campaigns to help men find their voices.

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Ten Men is the first statewide effort made up of these pioneering male role models.

Meet a few of them here.

Rilwan Feyisitan, Jr.

Profession: Director of Program Operations, Community Partnership of Providence

Hobby: Camping—or anything on the water

“I’m privileged to be part of this amazing work. I’ve literally held men as they have broken down in tears reflecting on their role as abusers. They see their sons and grandsons going down the same path. I now stand shoulder to shoulder with some of them in answering the call to be more than just well-intentioned men. The Ten Men project allows many of us to give a face and voice to the male response needed to end domestic violence.”


Jay Gotra

Profession: CEO, Alliance Security

Hobby: Golf

“Protecting homes and families is what I do at work. So it seems only right to protect women and children in my community against domestic violence.”





Edgar Moya

Profession: Account Executive, Telemundo New England

Hobby: Spending time with family

“I strongly believe that it’s possible to break the cycle of domestic violence if everybody gets involved—including the men in our community.






John-Marra Youte

Profession: Director of Outreach, Admissions and Student Services for Year Up Providence

Hobby: Poetry

“I joined the Ten Men initiative to find other men who refuse to be defined in a Man Box. As a father of a six-year-old daughter, I am here to stand beside her to assure her that she will not live in a culture where violence is the norm. The issues of violence are personal and real for me. Too many occasions, I work with young adults who are often victims of violence and look for a way to escape the nightmare. I am here to say No More!”



Join us in saying NO MORE to domestic violence at Learn more about the men here.


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